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I'll refresh tired bodies
i'll restore tired souls
               - Jeremiah 31:25

Refreshed Soul Logo

To have a healthy church you must have
A healthy pastor

So many Pastors and Ministry Leaders are facing burnout, discouragement, isolation, and questioning whether they can stay in ministry.



Help make it possible for us to care for Pastors and Ministry Leaders.

epic retreats

World class venues with breathtaking beauty and experiences that feed the soul.


How can you help care for the soul of your Pastor?

a fisherman fishing in Alaska

epic retreats

World-Class locations where Pastors and Ministry Leaders enjoy being cared for, encouraged, and have a blast!


It's important for a Church to invest in the Soul Care of their Pastor, but it is our heart that finances never hinder a Pastor from their ability to experience an Epic retreat. 


Because of our generous ministry partners we have put in place a unique model where we do the heavy lifting and underwrite about 2/3rds of the cost for each Pastor or Ministry Leader.  We then ask the Church or Ministry to donate 1/3.   

Two fishermen holding a salmon
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